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Ethno Collection

Handmade alpaca felt balls in combination with attractive woods and African pods for the more sporty and relaxed fashion.

Bijoux Ethno Collection P1
Bijoux Ethno Collection P2
Bijoux Ethno Collection P3

Gem Collection

Alpaca felt balls in all available colours in combination with Amethyst, Jade, Rosequarz, Lapislazuli, Jaspis etc. for many fashion-styles, sporty and elegant as well.

Bijoux Gem Collection P1
Bijoux Gem Collection P2
Bijoux Gem Collection P3

Pearl Collection

Soft alpaca felt balls in combination with real Freshwater Pearls in different sizes, shapes and colors, like baroque pearls or apricot-pearls. A perfect addition for the more elegant wardrobe.

Bijoux Pearl Collection P1
Bijoux Pearl Collection P2
Bijoux Pearl Collection P3

Color Collection

A wonderful mix of dyed alpaca felt balls with genuine gemstones, coming in its rich coleur for any season.

Bijoux Color Collection P1
Bijoux Color Collection P2
Bijoux Color Collection P3

Spacer Collection

Lightweight necklace made of bigger alpaca felt balls and decorative spacers.

Afro Alpaca Bijoux Spacer Collection 3
Afro Alpaca Bijoux Spacer Collection 2
Afro Alpaca Bijoux Spacer Collection 1

Exquisit Collection

An extraordinary and colorful combination of soft alpaca-felt balls with lightweight wood and glass pearls.

Exquisite Collection Maya Queen
Exquisite Collection Lilac Breeze

Alpaca Feltball Production

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AFRO ALPACA BIJOUX is a side-product of AKELEI-ALPAKAS SA, where we combine the soft fleece of our own alpacas with African pods, genuine gemstones and freshwater-pearls for a wide range of high-quality jewelry. With this cottage industry production we are able to offer more job opportunities and income to local people. All products can be custom-made in other colors and designs on order. Currently we offer following collections:

Alpaca  ETHNO  Collection
Alpaca  Gem  Collection
Alpaca  Pearl  Collection
Alpaca  Color   Collection

Visit our ALPACA BOUTIQUE at Stillwater Estate, near Philadelphia ( N7, Western Cape ) or scroll through the ALPACA ONLINE SHOP.

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All designs are made by Eva Dölitzsch-Tatzreither, who studied Fine Arts in Vienna, Austria.

" I love and breed alpacas since more than 14 years and am so glad, that I found another way to use their outstanding soft fleece for something beautiful. We are the only ones producing these African designs! "

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